Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What it's all about . . .

Adventure School was designed primarily to teach people how to roleplay and to teach roleplayers to play GURPS, but experienced gamers will enjoy it as well.

Rules will be laid out in the most simple of terms, and newbies will learn right along with their characters. Experienced players can choose to be mentors or professors, or they can form a group with other players of their ilk.

The art of conversing in character, and roleplaying a situation will be learned in the classroom settings. Exams, vacations, and various jobs assigned to students will provide quests and combat situations.

The setting is Dungeons and Dragons' Forgotten Realms - a richly detailed fantasy setting, where elves mingle with dwarves and halflings, gods fight among themselves, and ferocious monsters battle for control.

The forum for play is called Play by Post (PBP for short), using a forum board

The rules we will use are Steve Jackson's GURPS Generic Universal Role Playing System, one of the easiest and most fun systems to learn.

The forum for play is called Play by Post (PBP for short), our Forum Board.

The articles in this blog have been posted in no particular order, and are meant to be read through the links on the Forum Board and through the word links in the articles themselves. This will take you through the process of learning the rules and creating a character in the proper order.


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